Performing Arts Leadership

Madison College Performing Arts Leadership (PAL) in theater is a student government organization, engaging students in the creative and administrative processes to learn and produce high quality performing arts experiences for members of Madison College and the local community.

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American College Theater Fest Student Attendees


Become a Company Member! Students have a say in the theater company at Madison College! Help select the season, offer ideas on workshops and special events, attend professional development opportunities and engage at the college level.

All company members receive a stipend/honorarium per semester. Company members attend weekly meetings as well as supporting productions and events.

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Student Experience

Comprehensive performance experiences:

Contemporary plays

Classical texts


Showcase performances

Workshops & special events

American College Theater Festival

Hands-on opportunities in all fields:


Asst. Design

Stage Management

Asst. Directing

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe