Feelin’ bored? Wanna get spooky?


Performing Arts Leadership/Theatre at Madison College is calling for draft videos or written submissions featuring spooky or mysterious themed performances. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit a video or written description of a performance they would contribute to the project. 


Performance ideas include, but are not limited to acting, stand up comedy, spoken word, dance, storytelling and vocal/instrumental music. You can create your own work, a published piece or recreate an iconic performance or scene. The possibilities are endless! 

What to Submit? 

Everyone interested in submitting their performance ideas should submit either a written summary or a draft video of a performance to be considered for The New PARANormal.


Written Idea

Submit 2 - 3 paragraph description of what you will perform. The first paragraph should detail what the performance would be, if you are creating your own or recreating a produced piece. The second paragraph should Include the names of who will be involved and the process in which you will rehearse, keeping in mind the expectation for social distancing. The third paragraph should describe what the final “product” is expected to look like.


Video Example

Video submitted should be uploaded to Youtube, unlisted and link shared with the selection committee. Final performance quality is not necessary as this is a draft for consideration. The video should reflect your best intentions for the performance. All performers should be easily seen (good lighting) and audio should be clear, without excess background noise or feedback. 


Those selected will work with a director to sharpen the performance and maintain equal quality in video and audio production. Meetings and rehearsals will be scheduled around the availability of performers. The final event will be live streamed on an evening to be determined but scheduled in November.

Submit your draft idea by end of day Monday, Oct. 26, 2020.

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