Madison College - Theater Auditions


by Deborah Brevoort, Directed by Allen Ebert


AUDITIONS: December 6 and 7, 6 – 8 p.m. at Madison College Truax Campus, Studio Theatre, Room A2031

SCHEDULE: Rehearsals start January 9 and will primarily run Sundays (daytime) and Monday through Thursday evenings. Tech week is February 12 -16. Performances take place February 17-19 and 24-26.

Based on true events following the 1988 crash of Pan Am Flight 103, in Lockerbie, Scotland. This play is a story about the human spirit and how a community turned an act of unspeakable hatred into an act of love.


Questions: Contact director Allen Ebert at (with WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE as subject line)

SEEKING: 5 female-identifying actors ages 20 – 60 and 2 male- identifying actors ages 30-60.


Auditions will consist of movement and reading selected scenes from the script. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely.



Madeline Livingston: Female-identifying, 30-54. A suburban New Jersey housewife, obsessed with thoughts of her deceased young son, roams the hills of Lockerbie, Scotland, searching for traces of him.

Bill Livingston: Male-identifying, 30-55. Madeline’s American husband, Adam's father.

Olive Allison: Female-identifying, 40-64. A strong no-nonsense woman of Lockerbie, Scotland. She is the leader of the "Laundry Project." Must be able to do a convincing Scottish accent.


George Jones: Male-indentifying, 30-60. U.S. Government representative in charge of the warehouse that stores the remains of the Pan Am 103 crash. He has been sent to Lockerbie to shut down the memorial service and to burn over 11,000 articles of clothing and personal items that survived the tragedy.


Hattie: Female-identifying, 20-45. A cleaning woman from Lockerbie. Must have a convincing Scottish accent for this role and a good sense of comic timing.

Woman 1 & 2:        Female-identifying, 20-42. Women from Lockerbie, Scotland, part of the important support system that is at the very the heart of 'The Laundry Project'. Although they don't have names, the roles are considerable. Must be able to play the part with a convincing Scottish accent.

Madison College - Theater is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. As such, we encourage performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, physicality, abilities, and ages, as well as d/Deaf, to attend every audition. 

Madison College - Theater is also committed to excellent storytelling with high-quality production values. As an educational theater program, we are committed to the following:

  • Educating our students in the best practices of auditions, rehearsal, design, and performance. Students are not guaranteed a role.

  • Diverse casting, representing all sizes, genders, races, and abilities of our community. 

  • Casting decisions that support and foster a positive work ethic, willingness to learn, engagement in the ensemble, and talent.

  • Providing professional working conditions for all members of the company.

  • Respecting the work and time of all artists and their contributions to the process.

  • Producing high-quality theater experiences for Madison College and the local community.


Auditions are open to all students, alumni, staff, faculty, and other interested individuals.